Friday, August 17, 2007

Mammoth Opens 2 New Freeride Trails!

2 of the long awaited freeride trails are now open at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park! Techno Rock and Richter add to the 90 miles of singletrack on the mountain. Here's what the has to say:

"Our long anticipated two new trails now open! Techno Rock has a setup similar to popular dual slalom and mountain cross courses, and it starts out with four intense drops that range from four to 15 feet. The trail then plunges in and out of a dirt ditch that is Mammoth's Olympic Size halfpipe in the winter. Richter is for intermediate riders and it rides like a rollercoaster through a tunnel of trees. Wooden features and natural berms round out the trail's assortment of obstacles."

Also, the mountain will be running Chair 2/Stump Alley Express on weekends through labor day.

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